Headwaters Montana

by Catherine Haug, from Dave Hadden of Headwaters Montana

“The North Fork (of the Flathead) is a river and a watershed.  A living landscape.  And habitat for critters and humanity.  Join with Headwaters Montana to increase your voice for the North Fork, one that industry and politicians respect.”

Headwaters Montana is seeking new “Voices for the North Fork.” The goal is 2010 voices by the end of the year 2010. “These voices include you and your friends and colleagues, and will serve as the voice for the voiceless treasures of the North Fork.”

“Currently there are 597 Voices.  Only 1413 new Voices to go!”

To learn more, and to join this organization working to keep the North Fork pure and pristine, see www.headwatersmontana.org.

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