Sausage Makers?

by Catherine Haug

As ESP continues to explore how to live sustainably, with a low energy profile, it’s important to think about ways to store food without refrigeration. In July, Fran gave us an introduction to “Putting Food By Without Refrigeration.” Several of those methods could be explored with more detail; one such method is sausage making.

Is there anyone in our community who could demonstrate the process of sausage making, and discuss some of the theory and/or important considerations for this ancient technique?

While it’s important to note that not all types of sausage can be stored without refrigeration, certain types of fermented or dry-cure sausage can be kept in cold storage for up to 100 days. Other types can be stored in crocks of brine. We would be especially interested in having a presentation on these types of sausage.

If you are interested in doing a presentation, or have information to share on the topic of sasuage making, please contact:

Catherine: cat(at) or Edd edd(at) (NOTE: emails disguised for security).

Resources on Sausage Making

I’ve begun to research this topic, and have found the following useful resources:

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