Gathering Summary: Root Cellars, Gardens & Greenhouses (June 24, 2009)

by Catherine Haug

Our June 24 gathering featured a 42 minute slideshow video produced by ESP. Most of the photos were taken by Edd Blackler; layout and video production by Catherine Haug. This summary includes some, but not all, of the photos used in the slideshow.

Locations featured:

  • Yenne:  Homestead root cellar, and garden
  • Hadden:  New above-ground root cellar, and garden
  • Funk:  Humanure compost, garden & orchard, greenhouse and root cellar.
  • Guerrant:  Greenhouse, henhouse, garden & orchard
  • Haug: revamped root cellar, garden & orchard

Also included are a few ideas and recommendations from Root Cellaring by Mike & Nancy Bubel, and group discussion the night of the gathering.

See Gathering Summary: Gathering Summary: Root Cellars, Gardens & Greenhouses Slideshow, 062409, for complete printable pdf file of the event summary (496 kb, 10 pages).

See also EssentiaList Handout: Storage of Produce (128 kb pdf) including tips for storing fruits, vegetables and grains, and cold storage options for root veggies.

See also Motion-Activated, Non-Fence for Deer & Other Critters, with information from Keith B.

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