Native Plant Garden on Bridge Street?

by Catherine Haug

ESP is soliciting ideas and volunteers to help with getting a new project off the ground.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a well-tended native plant garden in the village, not only to add beauty to the village, but also to educate passers-by to the importance of our native plants?

Future native garden?Over the last year, CFBB (Community Foundation for a Better Bigfork) completed its sidewalk construction project down the hill from Osborne & Mill, along the east side of Bridge Street.  The area on the other side of the handrail was filled with good soil, but then left to grow weeds, mainly quack grass.  

This would make an excellent location for a native plant garden.  A big bonus is that once they are established, the natives will not need a watering system, and will help retard the incursion of weeds, minimizing seasonal maintenance needs.

Brett Thuma is interested in designing the garden, but funding and labor are required to eradicate the quack grass, purchase and set the plants, and keep the area weeded while the plants become established. A volunteer group to maintain the garden should be established.

If you have ideas, or want to volunteer, please contact Catherine or Edd (see our Contact ESP page for email and phone info).

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