Sustainable vs ‘Modern’ Ag

by Catherine Haug

The Sustainable Food website (from has a new post titled “4 Reasons Why ‘Modern’ Agriculture is Bad For You.”  I suspect our ESP community is already aware of most of these reasons, but you might want to check out this post and the referenced articles anyway.  Here’s the 4 reasons; for more detail, read the post.

  1. Genital feminization of male humans and animals:
  2. Herbicides linked to cancer, neurological disorders;
  3. Antibiotics fed to livestock have created antibiotic-resistant bacteria; and
  4. Plants absorb antibiotics from soil amendments.

While these are all certainly important (and scary) reasons, we can find even more important (and hopeful) reasons much closer to home:

  1. Sustainable ag is fresh and local. Growing your own at home or in a community garden is healthful and rewarding.  Buying from a local farmer allows you to learn first hand about his practices, and your input matters. And your money stays in the community.
  2. Sustainable ag builds community – you get to know neighbors you might otherwise never encounter. Having a strong community built around mutual need is sacred; it’s good for your spirit (and that of your neighbors).
  3. Sustainable ag yields a more nutritious product. Such a diet could significantly decrease personal and national health care costs.
  4. Sustainable ag requires less external energy (and more manual energy) so is good for the environment.
  5. Sustainable ag is good for our local tourist industry.

My guess is that you can think of more, if you put your mind to it. Why not start a conversation via the comment window at the bottom of this post.

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