Reducing your Water-Use Footprint

by Catherine Haug

Good Daily Water Choices

Check out this large, colorful info-graphic chart that illustrates the surprising amount of water that goes into our daily lives, and shows how much water one could save by making better choices. See Good Magazine for more.

What I want to know is how/where they got this data.  Are their examples from sustainable sources/processes? Or non-sustainable ones? For example, they site:

  • 36 gallons of water go into producing one breakfast egg.  Would that be an egg from a chicken raised in your yard? Or an egg you bought at a supermarket, that came from a factory-farmed chicken?
  • 634 gallons of water go into producing one hamburger sandwich.  Would that be from meat raised sustainably on pasture? Or meat from a factory farm?  What about the grain used to make the hamburger bun, or the lettuce, onion and tomato used as garnish; how are they raised?

Why not print this graphic to use for dinner conversation with your kids?

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