Our Sick Farms, Our Infected Food

by Catherine Haug

I came across this April 2009 Scientific American article while looking for an online version of Scientific American’s April 2009 article on “Saving the Honeybee.”  This article is likely ‘preaching to the choir’ of our ESP community, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

To me, this article hints at a far better solution to the food problem than the Food Safety bills being considered by our legislature.  And that solution would be to:

  • Move away from the highly efficient, low-cost modern food production practices, and return to more labor intensive, eco- and life-friendly local production.  
  • Leave behind the oil-guzzling chemical farming and return to organic and bio-dynamic farming methods.  

In so doing, we’ll go a long way toward resolving our health and climate change crises at the same time.

But, are our leaders listening?  Are they brave enough to stand up to the powerful corporate-farm/industrial-chemical/pharmaceutical/oil lobbies?

Perhaps we need to speak with our wallets, to get their attention.

Our Sick Farms, Our Infected Food

Congress and the FDA must upend the nation’s agricultural policies to keep its food supply safe.

Agriculture has fueled the eruption of human civilization. Efficiently raised, affordable crops and livestock feed our growing population, and hunger has largely been banished from the developed world as a result. Yet there are reasons to believe that we are beginning to lose control of our great agricultural machine. The security of our food supply is at risk in ways more noxious than anyone had feared.

For more, see Our Sick Farms, Our Infected Food (Scientific American, April 2009) (Scientific American April 2009)

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