Victory Garden vs Industrial Pesticides

by Catherine Haug

A few weeks ago, ESP posted an article on the the Organic Garden at the White House (Victory Garden 2009).  Now that garden is under pressure from the pesticide lobbyists.

Refer to the following for opposing points of view:

I sent a message of support to Michelle Obama (see below for the text), using the White House Contact website to send my message. Alternately, I could have sent a hand-written or printed letter via USPS mail to:  

The White House 
Attn:  Michele Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Cat’s message text

Dear Michelle Obama,

I am fully supportive of your organic garden at the White House.  As First Lady, you have done America a great service by publicizing the importance of truly nutritious food. Not just for the education of children, but also as an example of locally grown produce as an important, environmentally sustainable food source.  I encourage everyone to follow your example:  to grow their own food locally, sustainably, and without industrial chemicals. 

Know your farmer!


Catherine Haug, 
Bigfork, MT




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