Cold Storage Info

by Catherine Haug

Updated October 16, 2009 to add a single-page Winter Storage Chart you can hang in your storage area.

Have you even wondered how to store foods long term, without electricity? Many foods can be stored long-term in a root cellar (typically 40 – 450F), but perishable foods such as milk and butter require colder storage options. Of course, in winter, the whole world is a refrigerator and you merely need to find a spot where things won’t freeze.

Refer to The EssentiaList: Refrigeration without Electricity for the full article.  Root Cellars, Cold stream, Spring House, Well House, Ice Box, and Ice House are all discussed.

See also The EssentiaList: Cold Storage of Vegetables

NEW!:  Winter Storage Chart. This is a single page chart for the most commonly stored items, that you can print out and hang in your storage area(s), and includes:

  • ideal temperature
  • ideal humidity, and
  • notes on how to store and how long each item will keep.

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