Seed Starting Indoors & Container Gardening (01/29/09)

Seed-Starting TrayTwo Presentations at ESP’s January 29, 2009 Gathering:

  • Seed Starting Indoors, by Deb Schatz
  • Container Gardening, by Sally Janover

For the complete summary of this event, see Gathering Summary: Seed Starting Indoors; Container Gardening (136 KB). Below is a short synopsis of topic covered by each presenter.

Seed-Starting Indoors, by Deb Schatz


Deb brought lots of props so we could visualize the process as she described it, which includes:

  • equipment, soil, and lighting
  • seed sources
  • fertilizing and watering
  • timing and transplanting
  • pitfalls

Container Gardening, by Sally Janover


Sally gave a brief introduction to permaculture, then described the process of container gardening, including:

  • What and why for growing in containers
  • Choose your containers and location, including indoor pots
  • Planting medium for containers (soil and soil-less)
  • Planting, watering, fertilization, pruning
  • Second crops

This was followed by general discussion of both topics.

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