“Why are we being fed by a poison expert?”

By Catherine Haug, June 25, 2015 (The title of this post is a quote from the Food Revolution website (1))

Who might that expert be? And why is that statement true? Watch this video to find out. It’s only 5 minutes and it is “humorous, entertaining, and chillingly accurate”. (1)

If the video doesn’t appear below, you can find it on the Food Revolution (1) and The Guardian (2) websites. Please feel free to share this with others.

And Just say no to GMOs.

See also my recent post: Glyphosate (Roundup) residues in food and in you. To see all the posts about GMOs, see The EssentiaList: GMO Posts.


  1. Food Revolution.org video
  2. The Guardian.com video

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