GMO Alert: New GE Crops to be Approved



by Catherine Haug, August 19, 2014 (Image, right, used by permission from Organic Consumers Association)

You have undoubtedly heard that as the growing of Roundup-resistant crops increases, the number of Roundup-resistant weeds increases as well, which in turn requires increased spraying of these GMO crops with Roundup and other herbicides. It’s a vicious circle. It isn’t just herbicides, but also pesticides and GMO species resistant to the effects of these pesticides that are increasing.

Monsanto,, come to the ‘rescue’ by developing new chemicals and GMO varieties resistant to them, so that the toxic load of ag sprays on these crops increases as well. And, of course, these new chemicals and GMOs are approved before longterm studies on their safety can be completed.

Two new GMO crops and related new herbicides are awaiting approval:

New GMOS and Herbicides awaiting approval

  • Monsanto’s new Roundup Ready Xtend” crops (soy and cotton) are resistant to both glyphosate and the herbicide dicamba;
  • Dow AgroSciences’ GM “Enlist” corn and soybeans, which are resistant to glyphosate and 2,4-D.

Meanwhile, Monsanto and friends, including the GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) spend billions of dollars to defeat GMO-labeling initiatives. But we have another way to fight back: boycott.

GMO Boycott info

If you wish to join the boycott of products produced by members of the GMA, go to OCA’s Boycott GMA Page to sign a pledge. Please note that this boycott includes some familiar Organic brands (even though the Organic products are GMO-free, the companies that make them are owned by larger companies who are members of the GMA). These are referred to as “Traitor Brands,” and include examples: Kashi (breakfast cereals), Muir Glen (tomato products), Plum Organics, RW Knutsen (fruit juices), Dagoba (chocolates) and more.

For more information on the boycott, GMA members and brands, see OCA sites:

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