Butter vs margarine

Stick of Butter (Western Pack)

Stick of Butter (Western Pack)

By Catherine Haug, August 12, 2014 (Photo, right, from Wikimedia Commons)

I recently wrote a post: Butter (and other saturated fats) is a health food!, something which I have firmly believed for over 40 years, and now that belief is finally accepted by the medical and scientific communities. Yet people still encourage using margarine instead of butter, in a belief that animal fats are bad for human consumption. These people just don’t realize how really really bad margarine is.

Now the Alliance for Natural Health has put together a great flow chart to outline the chemical process by which margarine is made; and I put together another flow chart to outline the process by which butter is made. After reviewing these, do you still think margarine is better for your family’s health?

How Margarine is Manufactured

margarine manf process-anh
Image, above, from Alliance for Natural Health: anh-usa.org/butter-is-better.


How butter is made: 

My apologies for the distortion in the image caused by the blog software. For an undistorted image, use this link for a printable pdf: How Butter Is Made.



How Butter is Made flowchart, above, by C. Haug;

Numbered photos in How Butter is Made flowchart, from Wikimedia Commons:

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