Kitchen Hint: More Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

by Catherine Haug, Jan 22 2014

See also Kitchen Hints for others on this site, including Uses for vinegar from 2012. The EssentiaList: Homemade Apple Cider provides instructions for making your own raw apple cider vinegar.

The following uses for apple cider vinegar are from (1), or other sources as noted. You don’t need to use raw apple cider vinegar unless you ingest it (as in items 1, 3 and 9). Save money and use regular apple cider vinegar if it is not to be ingested. For household uses, you can use white vinegar.

  1. Overall health: Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is made from apples and fermented twice to produce raw enzymes, gut-friendly bacteria, and nutrients, provided it is raw (regular apple cider vinegar has been pasteurized). Raw ACV promotes alkalinity to help maintain pH balance in the body, lowers glucose levels (by increasing insulin sensitivity), and has been known to aid in weight loss. Start with ½ tsp in a glass of water before meals, then gradually increase to 1 Tbsp in the glass of water. You can also buy powdered ACV in capsules; 450 – 500 mg is roughly equivalent to 1 Tbsp ACV; however, the powder may have been heat treated so is no longer raw, and may not be as effective.
  2. Salad dressing: I like to mix 1 Tbsp raw ACV, 1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar and 1 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice, add 5 – 6 Tbsp olive oil, minced and pressed garlic (1 – 2 cloves), unrefined sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and herbs such as basil or oregano to taste. See Cat’s Kitchen (my recipe website (4)) for more vinaigrette salad dressing recipes.
  3. Chemical-free flea and tick treatment: Bathe your animal with the usual shampoo, pat dry, and then spray a mix of 3/4 ACV to 1/4 warm water all over the coat and massage into the skin. Your furry friend will not only be flea-less but also have a shiny coat to boot! See (2) for more detail.
  4. Cat urine: If your cat urinates in an inappropriate spot, clean it up first and then spray with ACV to deter the cat from using the same spot in the future. NOTE: this may not work for cat spray, and yes, even female cats can spray.
  5. Allergy relief:  Vinegar can reduce mucous and sinus congestion, and aids in cleansing your lymph nodes. Take a teaspoon of ACV followed by a glass of water to relieve symptoms. or add the teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a cup of tea. See (3) for more detail.
  6. Room deodorizer: Spritz ACV around your room, and you’re left with a fresh, light apple scent (the article doesn’t indicate if you dilute the vinegar before spritzing).
  7. Facial toner:  Dilute one part ACV with two parts water, douse a cotton ball, and then apply to your entire face for tighter skin and fewer breakouts. It acts as a natural anti-inflammatory toner and regulates pH of your skin and scalp.
  8. Hair rinse: “Just a few tablespoons ACV run through your hair after you shampoo will go a long way toward adding luster to your hair. It can also wash away buildup, seal cuticles, reduce frizz, and stimulate hair growth.” (3) Cat’s Note: I use an ACV rinse after every shampoo. The first few times, I added 1 Tbsp ACV to a quart of water for each rinse. It helps to remove shampoo and other buildup. However, after awhile, my hair started to get too oily, so I cut back to 1/2 – 1 tsp ACV for a quart of rinse.
  9. Clear warts: Soak a cotton ball in ACV and fasten it over the wart with a Band-Aid. Leave it on overnight, and the wart should fall off. Note that skin may swell in reaction, and continue the treatment for a few nights to make sure the wart doesn’t return. (3)
  10. Disinfectant: Mix ½ cup vinegar with 1 cup water to wipe down your kitchen or bathroom. For this you can even use the least expensive white vinegar. Or pour some vinegar (undiluted) into your toilet bowl and let it sit, overnight. This works best if you have a different toilet to use during the night. See (3) for more detail, and other great ideas.
  11. Teeth Whitener: Rub or scrub undiluted ACV directly onto your teeth. I’d use raw apple cider vinegar for this .
  12. Sunburn relief: “Soak a washcloth in undiluted ACV and apply to your skin. The apple cider vinegar will help relieve pain and prevent future peeling. (Even better: Put your washcloth in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes before applying to your skin, and feel that sweet, sweet relief.)” (1)
  13. Produce wash: Mix 4 tablespoons of ACV with a gallon of cold water (or 1 Tbsp ACV per quart of cold water), and use it to rinse your produce free of bugs, dirt, and pesticides. Put some in a spray bottle to spray over whole fruits or unpeeled vegetables, then rinse with water; or pour it over produce in a bowl of water to soak  for a few minutes, then transfer to a colander and rinse with water.


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