The alarming truths about GMO

by Catherine Haug, July 24, 2013

I’ve written many posts on the harm of GMO foods (see Cat’s GMO Articles), but none tell the story as well as this 6:43 minute video on YouTube: The Alarming Truths About GMOs. If the embedded player doesn’t appear below, click the link to view it on YouTube.

YouTube video:

For more information

I learned of this video from Mercola’s article: Press questions GMO safety, which also features a 6 minute video clip from FOX news: FOX: Genetically Modified Food Concerns.

See also Cat’s GMO Articles on The EssentiaListWhat is Genetically Modified Food? (video)Non-GMO Shopping Guide (pdf). You may also with to post the GMO Information Flyer in public places around the valley.

Want to support the campaign in Washington state to label GMOs? Want to have a GMO labeling law in Montana? Read on.

How to Support I-522 campaign in Washington state

Washington has a new initiative that will be on their ballot in November: I-522, that will require labeling of GMOs. If you wish to support this campaign, you can donate through through the Organic Consumers Association; if you have trouble with that link, try OCA label-It Donation. All donations will go directly to the Yes on I-522 campaign. (OCA was a member of the Prop 37 steering committee, and is also a member of the I-522 steering committee).

Sign up to learn more about how you can get involved by visiting

See also Just Label It CampaignInstitute for Responsible TechnologyTipping Point Network, or Food and Water Watch.

How to petition Gov. Bullock for a GMO Labeling Law in Montana

Go to Montana needs GMO Labeling Law, to sign the petition started by Kay Carlson.

I’m not sure why this petition goes to our governor rather than state legislators, but it may still be worth the effort.

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