GE Salmon given green light by the FDA


Catherine Haug, December 21, 2012

Genetically engineered (GE) salmon is about to hit our markets, if the FDA has its way. Dubbed by the OCA as “frankenfish,” this farmed salmon,was created by AquaBounty by inserting growth hormone genes into fertilized salmonid eggs.

It has just been given the green light by the FDA, based on research by AquaBounty. It is absurd and outrageous that the department ignored data from independent researchers like those at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Academy of Science, and Purdue University.

This GE process also affects trout and Arctic char, as well as wild salmon. And NONE of these will be labeled as GE/GMO. Unless our congress or courts put a stop to this fast-track decision, you will be well advised to avoid all farmed salmon, trout and char.

The GE/GMO industry argues that this will only affect farmed salmon, but past history from fish hatcheries indicate that farmed salmon do escape into the wild. According to Salmon Nation, “Estimates of farmed salmon escapees in British Columbia total at least 400,000 fish from 1991 to 2001”

Contact our President, Senators and both our outgoing and incoming representatives; ask them to keep GE salmon off our plates. See Contact our Government for White House and current legislators. See for our Representative-elect. See Contact the White House

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