Another Critter to Protect & Encourage in your Yard

by Catherine Haug, Dec 4, 2012

Oftentimes those wild critters that we like the least, need our help. For example, honeybees and native bees that are suffering from the overuse of pesticides, yet are so essential for pollination of edible and other plants, landscape and wild flowers, etc..

And now another maligned critter is on Montana’s radar for study and protection: the bat. This nighttime creature has long been feared – most recently because of rabies – but they provide important benefits for those of us who live near water and wetlands, by keeping mosquitos in check, not to mention other insect pests that plague farmers and gardeners.

Bats in eastern parts of North America are under threat from a fungal disease called white nose syndrome. While this disease has not made its way here, Montana has begun a statewide research project to collect baseline data about our state’s bats. Students at Bigfork High School are playing a key role in this project, as reported in a December 3 Flathead Beacon article:  Facing Threat of Disease, Montana Launches Bat Research Project.

Interested in encouraging bats in your yard? Read on.

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