Over 1 Million Americans Support GMO-Labeling


by Catherine Haug, March 28, 2012

(OCA’s Frankenfood Image used by permission)

The Just Label It campaign announced in a March 27, 2012 press release that over 1,000,000 Americans support labeling GMO foods, and foods containing GMO products. To read the press release which includes results of a recent survey by The Mellman Group, go to Record-Breaking One Million Americans Tell FDA: We Have a Right to Know What’s in Our Food. This support by over 92% of all Americans goes across our political spectrum, according to pollster Mark Mellman:

“The survey found nearly all Democrats (93% favor, 2% oppose), Independents (90% favor, 5% oppose) and Republicans (89% favor, 5% oppose) in favor of labeling.”

See JustLabelIt.org for lots more, including 8 Things You Can Do. I’ve rearranged them a bit, and added one of my own:

Be active and pro-active:

Shop smart:

  • Eat Fresh and avoid processed foods (canned, boxed, packaged and frozen)
  • Avoid the 5 most common GMO ingredients: Corn, Soy, Canola, Cotton and Sugar made from beets. Look for Organic versions instead, but not that many so-called “Organic” processed foods, are NOT 100% Organic and may indeed contain GMO ingredients.
  • Look for the USDA Organic seal (right) for 100% Organic only and buy organic.
  • See the True Food Shopper’s Guide from the Center for Food Safety for brands/products that claim to be GMO-free.

For more information

See my articles on GMOS, Organics and Labeling:



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