Growing Your Own Food, All Year Long

by Catherine Haug, January 9, 2012

I just happened upon an interesting website: Landscaping Revolution. It is primarily about permaculture, but has a section on Growing Your Own Food All Year Long. Here’s a list of topics discussed, by page:


  1. Basic Sprouting
  2. Easy to Sprout Seeds
  3. Turf Technique for Seeds that are Trickier to Sprout
  4. Indoor Container Gardening
  5. Containers, Potting Soil, Fertilizer, Compost, and Planting
  6. Misting, Watering, and Harvesting
  7. Growing Peas, Beans, Tomatoes, and Basil Indoors
  8. Harvesting and Seed Collecting
  9. How to Harvest Seeds
  10. Tomato Plants
  11. Transplanting
  12. Trickier Transplanting
  13. Sprouted Bean Pancakes
  14. List of Seeds that can be Sprouted
  15. Sprouting Supplies

And for those who are interested in permaculture, see their 5 minute video: Greening the Desert – Permaculture in Jordan. An check out their photo-essay on Transforming a Lawn (using permaculture techniques).

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