Repurposing & Permaculture Ideas

by Catherine Haug, October 28, 2011

Are you concerned about all the reusable greywater going down the drain? Would you like a way to recharge batteries using foot-power? Interested in becoming a guerilla-gardener?

If so here’s an interesting website to get you inspired: Interesting Permaculture & Repurposing Applications. Read on for more information on these projects.

For more information

Greywater Recycling

I am inspired by an excellent point concerning greywater (from the above referenced website):

“The benefits of ‘recycling’ greywater onsite are far reaching. Every household can take advantage, by collecting greywater seperately. It is a huge waste, that 70 – 90 % of water used by households is effectively contaminated after it is disposed of, by combining it with sewage.”

For more on greywater recycling:

Mobile Design Labs

Foot-Powered Battery Recharge Projects

Here in Montana, we often have power outages, some of which can last more than a day. How do you recharge your phone or other batteries when the power is out?

Or if you get your power from solar panels, what do you do when we have weeks of gray-sky days?

Guerrilla-Gardening and Seed Bombs

Guerrilla-gardening is primarily an urban activity – not to be used in wilderness areas or other areas where native plants are protected, such as along our Wild Mile Nature Trail.

Seed bombs are small packets of seeds and growing medium you can toss as you walk, that will grow into small veggie plots, provided they get enough water.

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