Upcycling – New Ways to Use Waste

by Catherine Haug, October 8, 2011

After posting the newer version of our Repurposing-2011 Video slideshow on YouTube, I investigated other related videos that were offered on the right side of the screen. One in particular caught my eye: “Ideas for Upcycling, Reusing & Recycling – RETRASH”.

‘Upcycling’ is another word for ‘repurposing’, and implies that the new product might be better than the original(s) from which is is made. This is a short 1:40 video; check it out at Ideas for Upcycling, Reusing & Recycling – RETRASH.

You can submit your ‘retrash’ projects on their website: Retrash: Rethinking Waste. If you do that, send a copy to me, too, for a future Repurposing slideshow.

One Response to “Upcycling – New Ways to Use Waste”

  1. Susan says:

    Great article! I love the idea of making wants out of waste… but have a hard time being crafty enough to actually make a difference. I was excited to learn about an awesome new online store that sells upcycled products, called Hipcycle. Check them out http://www.hipcycle.com