Food-Swapping in the Flathead

by Catherine Haug, August 28, 2011

Flathead Food Swappers is a new Facebook group, launched by Kathie Lapcevic and a friend. I have added this link to our ESP links column under Food: Local/Organic Links, for your future reference. Here’s a printable flyer about the group: Flathead Food Swappers Flyer.

From Kathie Lapcevic:

Flathead Food Swappers

Inspired by other food swaps across the country, we aim to be a group of kind folks who meet several times a year to swap homemade 7 homegrown food and celebrate the diversity of foodstuffs available in our community.

We’ll swap most anything that is homemade or homegrown:

  • Extra garden produce (fruits, veggies, herbs, nuts, etc.)
  • Seeds
  • Wild-harvested / foraged foods (including wild game)
  • Home-canned items (high-acid food only)
  • Home-dehydrated & frozen goods
  • Homemade lacto-fermented foods
  • Home-grown eggs, meats, milk, etc.
  • Home baked items (breads, cookies, cakes, etc.)

For more info:

  • Check us out on FacebookFlathead Food Swappers
  • Contact mtkatiecakes(at)yahoo(dot)com (address disguised for security).


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