Julienne’s Bees

Small Cell Hive

By Catherine Haug, April 20, 2011

(Photo, right, from Flathead Beekeepers’ Club Facebook page)

The Flathead Beacon features Julienne and her bees with an online-only article: The Proof is in the Pollen, by Dan Testa, 4/20/11.

Julienne, a lifelong beekeeper in Somers, is a member of the Flathead Beekeepers Club. She has also been a panel member for the ESP gathering on Raising Chickens & Rabbits, and was present with other Alpine Spinners & Weavers at their demonstration on Making Cloth for our March 2010 gathering.

The article also discusses other members of the Beekeepers Club, including Veronica Honthaas, who has presented at the ESP gatherings on Herbs & their Traditional Uses and Managing an Organic Beehive, and will be a member of our upcoming panel presentation on Making & Using Sourdough (May 18, 2011). Ronny practices the regression technique for raising smaller, stronger bees; she also advocates including wild bees in the hive.

Read the article: The Proof is in the Pollen

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