Introducing Flathead Valley Locavores

by Catherine Haug

Are you a locavore? That is, someone who eats exclusively – or at least primarily – food from their local area? If so, or if you’re just curious, read on, about a new Facebook Community for Locavores in the Flathead, and about a Locavore opportunity.

Flathead Valley Locavores on Facebook

I recently received an email from Laura Behenna, who says:

Flathead Valley Locavores” is a new Facebook group set up to celebrate and exchange information on all aspects of local food, from where to find it to how to grow or prepare it. Flathead Valley Locavores will be what participants make of it. If enough people participate, we could have occasional get-togethers (with food and drink of course) around the valley. People can contact me for more information.  I’m thinking Flathead Valley Locavores could become a loose-knit, valley-wide community group with local subgroups.  The only goal I have in mind is to promote the benefits and joys of local food; I’m not selling anything.

You can visit the site here: Flathead Valley Locavores on Facebook (see below for the url). This is now in our favorite links (right hand column of home page), under “Ag & Food Links.”

Facebook is free and everyone can join. To register, go to: Register on facebook, or click on “Join” at the top of the Flathead Valley Locavores home page.

Locavores at Tamarack Time! 2010

ESP is considering hosting a “Locavore” competition table at 2010 Tamarack Time! in Bigfork. Is anyone interested in chairing this project? A requirement of submitted dishes would be that at least 85% of the ingredients (by weight) be locally grown/raised.

Contact Catherine if you are interested [cat(at); email disguised for security].

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