Food Preparation & Preservation Blog

by Catherine Haug

As many of us reap the harvest bounty from Farmers’ Markets, CSAs, or our own gardens, we are interested in ways to preserve these foods through the winter.  And if you’re like me, you’d rather preserve it as a living food, than can it. One way is to store foods in a root cellar (check out Gathering Summary: Root Cellars, Gardens & Greenhouses and Cold Storage Info); but there are other ways as well.

With this in mind, check out Rebuild: The Blog, by Amanda Rose and her mother, who is a renowned cook. Many of the posts on this blog are about food preparation and preservation, and include “Mom’s” instructional videos.

[NOTE:  I will remove this post from ESP’s website after a few weeks, so if Amanda’s website interests you, bookmark it (make it a favorite), for future reference.]

I first became acquainted with Amanda as the author of a health website called Rebuild from Depression, concerning dietary ways to fight depression, with a focus on living foods.

Here’s a few sample food preservation posts from Rebuild: The Blog:

And, in the spirit of FUN: check out this related blog post, that rather brings home the petroleum vs. real food issue: Pollan painting #4: The golden arches. This concerns a painting by Amanda’s 5-year old son, inspired by his mother’s reading Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” and summarizing it for him.

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